Finding The One Program includes:

  • Weekly Training Modules
  • Group Coaching calls with Meredith O'Brien Canaan
  • Private online Forum
  • Assessments, Tools, and Homework for you and your spouse
  • Go at your own pace ...


9 Sessions of world class training, 9 coaching and support designed to help singles people looking for love, create the relationship of their dreams, and help them find the one.



  • Dealing with lonliness, being alone
  • Body issues
  • Past –completing what has happened


Who are you

  • What do you need
  • What do you want
  • Dress and act the part



  • Intentions, wants, needs vs neediness
    • Who's providing what 
    • Dealing with upsets
    • Integrity
    • Listening to the one


Who is “the One”

  • Creating the being
  • Aspects –no fixing or changing allowed
  • Attracting the one
  • Respecting the one



Blind spots –vs attraction



  • Past issues of trust
  • Creating & building trust with those that earn it
  • Sex after trust



Self care give to you before you give to others


Women –the future invading the present                                    

Men – present to your intentions on a future what you say & how he hears it

  • Committed not attached to timelines –reactions to her –why she’s this way
  • Keeping the focus on the long term  Communication your intentions clearly
  • Living now the life you want ..just do it.
  • Present perfect



The beginning of Partnership

  • Dating –how often
  • Sex –how often
  • Roles…


✔ 3 Additional calls for spouses

✔  For the First 25 people who register one private coaching session with Meredith

If you add up all of the components ... $1997 of actual value.  What is the value of your marriage?

The price for you today is only $397.  This price will be going up in October.




My services are risk-free.  If you feel you have not received value in the first month, please contact me for a refund and to cancel future sessions.  I can offer this guarantee because I know that this program provides great value to my customers.  If another professional could better attend to your needs, I would be happy to make a referral.