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Are you unhappy with your current relationship status?

If you fall into one of these categories...

Singles who:

  • Are looking for love
  • Recently broke up
  • Have been cheated on
  • Have gotten out of an abusive relationship
  • Are sick of being the only single person at parties with your friends
  • Are tired of spending Valentine’s day alone
  • Can’t face going to another wedding or family event alone
  • Are frustrated hearing your family ask, “so, is there anyone new in your life?
  • Are ready to give up on ever finding love


Couples who: 

  • Fight all the time
  • Are on the brink of Divorce
  • Have lost the fire and passion
  • Have problems in the bedroom
  • Are living lonely lives and sharing a bed
  • Feel like they are stuck in an abusive relationship
  • Are dealing with infidelity
  • No Longer trust their partner 

... Then Canaan Coaching is the right place for you!


I have proven programs that will take you through the process of finding or re-finding love.  In nine to twelve weeks my system will help you create the romance, passion and love you desire in your life.


If you are interested in talking with Meredith to see if she's the right coach for you, click here to schedule a complimentary thirty minute chemistry session.


Through coaching, consulting, and seminars, we can generate permanent behavioral shifts that lead to romance, love and happiness throughout your life.

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