Love Your Marriage, Love Your Life


If you are feeling frustrated in your marriage more than you had been previously.  The added stress from raising kids is really putting a strain on your marriage.  It feels like you and your husband are disconnected and living separate lives.  You often feel like your husband doesn't get what you're going through, and you feel misunderstood.  You're not alone.  Many couples struggle the most after the first few years after a child is born, and most people aren't talking about it.


This course is for you if you want to bring back the passion in your marriage and spice up your sex life.  If you have been longing for the fun and freedom you once had and you want to get it back.  All you really want to have a happy marriage and love your  life, then this is the right place for you.


Love Your Marriage, Love Your Life Program includes:

  • Weekly Training Modules
  • Group Coaching calls with Meredith O'Brien Canaan
  • Private online Forum
  • Assessments, Tools, and Homework for you and your spouse
  • Go at your own pace ...


Module 1 Assesing - 10/21

  • What was working before kids
  • What's working now, not working or missing
  • urgent needs
  • Evaluating your home, basic finances, health and other relationships

Module 2 Communication -  10/28

  • Effective & loving ways of getting your needs met
  • How criticizing kills your marriage, and Acknowledgement makes it soar
  • Distinguishing where your resistance is holding you back
  • Learn different forms of appreciation that are best for you and your spouse

Module 3 Arguments & Upsets - 11/4

  • Understanding expectations that lead to disappointment
  • the 3 major causes of upset
  • Dealing with what's unsaid
  • Managing the "Perfect Mom" mentality

Module  4 Creating Partnership - 11/11

  • Team mentality
  • Shared values
  • United front with the kids
  • Date Night

Module 5 Energy & Individuality - 11/18

  • Selfish Automated Sprinkler System
  • Zap Tolerations & the little things
  • Priorities - me, us, the kids

Module 6 Trust & Respect - 11/25

  • Giving up "Being Right"
  • Establishing strong boundaries with kids, and others
  • Power of Vulnerability
  • Putting each other first Always

Module 7 Clearly Defining roles - 12/2

  • Parental roles
  • Household roles
Module 8 Sex & Intimacy - 12/9
  • Right types of Attention
  • Creating Desire - dressing the part
  • Getting sexual needs met
  • Dealing with sexual issues -hormones, desire, timing
Module 9 Time & Money Stress  - 12/16
  • Vacations
  • Babysitters
  • Me time
  • Budgeting and planning


✔ 3 Additional calls for spouses

✔  For the First 25 people who register one private coaching session with Meredith

If you add up all of the components:

  1. Weekly Training Modules  $1257
  2. Group Coaching calls with Meredith O'Brien Canaan $627
  3. Private online Forum $347
  4. Assessments, Tools, and Homework for you and your spouse $497
  5. Go at your own pace ...

... $2727 of actual value.

What is the value of your marriage?


I'm offering all of this to you for only $397 if you register now.


If you're still not sure, here's what other people have said after working with me in other programs:

With Meredith's coaching, she got me through a rough spot in my marriage, when my hubby and I were contemplating divorce.  Currently we are happily married, 14 years, with two children.

- C. Sylvester


"Meredith O'Brien Canaan is the most kind and firm coach I have ever worked with.  Through her coaching, I was able to change my attitude about myself and others in my life.  I am also much more clear on how to establish boundaries with people, which is something I had never done in the past.  Through Meredith's exercises and sound advice, you can have a breakthrough in any area of your life that isn't performing well!"


-M. Pettingale

I really appreciate your ability to get me thinking differently about my situation.  You seem to know exactly what questions to ask, getting right to the root of where I'm stuck - but you ask in a way that empowers me to come up with a solution that works on many levels, and with comfort and ease.  Your coaching is like a combination of a super laser and a fluffy down pillow!"

L. Fiedler


For less than $40 a week you can 

Love Your Marriage, Love Your Life



My services are risk-free.  If you feel you have not received value in the first month, please contact me for a refund and to cancel future sessions.  I can offer this guarantee because I know that this program provides great value to my customers.  If another professional could better attend to your needs, I would be happy to make a referral.