Are you unhappy with your current relationship status? 

Canaan Coaching is just what you need.  We have numerous programs that can help.  Just look below and choose the one that works for you.

Relationship Programs

My clients hire me because of my experience and passion for romantic relationships.  I have a bold and daring style, and a vulnerabilty that creates a safe space for my clients to heal.  My relationship coaching programs start by assessing what's not working in your current relationship status.  These coaching plans involve a great deal of personal evaluation and creating awareness within your love life that can also be applied to all areas of life, giving you clarity and confidence. In my programs there is a strong emphasis on personal foundation work such as needs, boundaries, and communication skills.  I use assesments and homework assignments to get you into action to transform the relationship you have into the relationship of your dreams.

The Individual Coaching Program is a twelve session program, specifically designed to work through common issues and blocks that are keeping you single.   Once we have addressed the blocks, we start working on creating the most confident and attractive you.  


The Couples Coaching Program is a nine session program, where we work with the couple together and individually to work through the specific problems and complaints.  We work on transforming their communication which creates more love and passion.  We deal with any issues around sex and intamacy.  


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