This training Program includes:

Weekley Training Modules,

Group Coaching calls with Meredith O'Brien Canaan

Private online forum

Assesments, Tools, and Homework for you and your spouse

Go at your own pace ...


Module 1 Assesing - 10/21

  • What was working before kids
  • what's working now
  • What's not working or missing

Module 2 Comunication 10/28

  • Effective & lovingly getting your needs met
  • How criticizing kills your marriage, and Acknowledgement makes it soar
  • Ressistance , Appreciation

Module 3 Expectations & Upsets 11/4

  • Dealing with what's unsaid
  • Managing the "Perfect Mom"

Module  4 Creating Partnership

  • Team mentality 11/11
  • United front with the kids
  • Date Night

Module 5 Energy & Individuality 11/18

  • Selfish Automated Sprinkler System
  • Zap Tolerations & the little things
  • Priorities - me, us, the kids

Module 6 Trust & Respect 11/25

  • Giving Up Being Right
  • Power of Vulnerability
  • Putting each other first always 

Module 7 Clearly Defining roles 12/2

  • Parental roles
  • Household roles
Module 8 Sex & Intimacy 12/9
  • Right types of Attention
  • Creating Desire - dressing the part
  • Getting Sexual needs met
  • Dealing with sexual issues -hormones, desire, timing
Module 9 Time & Money Stress  12/16
  • Vacations
  • Babysitters
  • Me time
  • Budgeting or planning


✔ 3 Addiotnal calls for spouses

✔  For the First 25 people who register one private coaching session with Meredith

If you add up all of the components ... $1997 of actual value.  What is the value of your marriage?

The next time this program is offered it will be at least $597, but this is a pilot program, so you save an additional $200 right now if you register now.



My services are risk-free.  If you feel you have not received value in the first month, please contact me for a refund and to cancel future sessions.  I can offer this guarantee because I do a thorough job on the front end to ensure that we are a match.  If another professional could better attend to your needs, I would be happy to make a referral.